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If you believe in Santa then SPOILER ALERT coming up!

This is my second review and today I shall do it on another comic I read yesterday. Green Lantern is fast becoming one of my favourite issues of the month even after only reading 2 issues. Johns keeps up a high standard in Green Lantern and this issue is no exception. 
Green Lantern heads off to Minnestota to find Larfleeze and to question him on how to capture the entities. But the duo are attacked by Hector Hammond, an old foe of Green Lantern.
The Good

  • Johns delivers a fun read with this issue. Everything story wise is brilliant. There's witty dialogue, character insight, dynamic action and the development of the other Lantern Corps and their entities
  • The mystery of the cloaked figure's identity is a certain brain teaser. Johns hasn't dropped any hints as to who this could be but I believe we will be getting some hints as to who it could be soon. The plan the figure is hinting at definitely places this new character as a threat to all the Lantern Corps
  •  I don't know much about Hector Hammond. I only really got interested in Green Lantern through Blackest Night and the 7 Lantern Corps but after 1 issue I already love the character. Johns portrays him as the polar opposite of Hal who envies him and everything he has. A worthy reappearence. for this classic villain
  • Johns does a solid job on Hal's character and on how he is dealing with all the lantern corps leaders making their home on Earth. All the characters are handled well with Johns as he continues to deliver on making them interesting to the reader.
  • However, the one character who steals the show is Larfleeze. Every time he shows up, Johns makes him better and funnier each time.  Larfleeze is my favourite of the 'New Guardians' and provides the perfect comic foil to other serious characters in the book such as Hal and Sinestro  Having him steal all the trinkets and possesssions of a town and making him enamoured by human culture makes this an incredibly funny read, particulary Larfleeze writing to Santa Claus. This, I hope is a sutble teaser for the Christmas special where Larfleeze discovers the true meaning of Christmas. Please make this happen DC!
  • The serious moment between Saint Walker and the Question complements the comedy provided by Hal and Larfleeze.
  • Doug Mankhe is a solid penciller and I love his outlines for the characters in this issue. He did a great job of redesigning Hector. A redesign? You'll see... 
  • The cover is a nice one at that. The text spoils it a bit but the shot of Hal 'performing a dental check up' on Hector is awesome

    The Bad

  • Not much of the action is set in space. Green Lantern is supposed to be a space opera, a mix of Star Wars and The X-Files but so far this story has restricted itself to Earth and will do so for the next few issues, at least until we get to the Indigo Tribe's Entity
  • I don't understand why there are multiple inkers on Green Lantern. They do a good job but the transition isn't very smooth and it is evident in the comic.
  • This isn't a criticism of this issue per se but when the hell are we going to get a Krypto vs Dex Starr fight? Johns promised this in Blackest Night but didn't deliver and the 'fight' if you can call it that between Dex Starr and Lobo's dog was one sided.


    10 out of 10
    Art: 8 out of 10
    Cover: 9 out of 10
    Overall: 9 out of 10 
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