the_cyan_lantern's Green Lantern #56 - The New Guardians, Chapter 4 review

Now Things Are Rolling


   Since hearing the Collectors voice, Hector Hammond is finally free and is ready to deliver the revenge he's been waiting for. Also Hal travels to North Branch, Minnesota to talk to Larfleeze where has made a home for himself.

The Good:

   To me this was the best issue we've seen in months. I don't know if it's the hype after the Con but this was on the ball. First was the opener which has been a mystery for months and is finally shown. We still don't know who "The Collector" is but is promising never the less. Then we're taken to North Branch, Minnesota where Larfleeze has been making a name for himself all over town taking peoples stuff. That's what makes him such a lovable character. Finally we get some images (or previews) of the other entities and what is to come from them. Plus Saint Walker proves hope is still out there.

The Bad:

   Issue was great all around.


   After a few months of what felt like fillers has come to rest as now things start to get rolling.

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