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Now Things Are Rolling 0

Summary:    Since hearing the Collectors voice, Hector Hammond is finally free and is ready to deliver the revenge he's been waiting for. Also Hal travels to North Branch, Minnesota to talk to Larfleeze where has made a home for himself.  The Good:   To me this was the best issue we've seen in months. I don't know if it's the hype after the Con but this was on the ball. First was the opener which has been a mystery for months and is finally shown. We still don't know who "The Collector" is but i...

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Best issue in a very long time. 0

The Good   Larfleeze writing the letter to santa was the best moment in the issue and possibly Larfleeze's best moment of all time. The idea of the the orange corps and how it works has always been great because it stands out from the other corps because of it's uniqueness. Other than Larfleeze the story was nicely done and it's moving in a great direction.  The Bad   Nothing really, I missed sinestro a bit and it would be great it we could get a few more clues on who the mysterious "friend" of ...

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Review: Green Lantern #56 0

Green Lantern tracks Agent Orange down to a dump he's erected, only to find that Hector Hammond's got his eyes on the Orange Lantern himself.  The Good I'm surprised at how much pathos and depth that Johns was able to convey from such an absurd character like Hector Hammond. Maybe you never quite sympathize with this monster, but you certainly can see where he's coming from (and maybe even feel sorry for him.) The opening fantasy with him saving Carol Ferris and vanqu...

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Hector Hammond in Brightest Day 0

The Storylilne: As Hal Jordan investigates Larfleeze's mass robberies and break-ins of a local town, Hector Hammond is freed by an unknown character who tells Hammond that he would get what he always desired if he found a way to release the entity of the Orange Lantern known as Ophidian. Now both Larfleeze and Hal Jordan would find themselves stopping Hammond from trying to complete his goals as things get much more worse for the two lanterns.   The Good: - The storyline is very solid and pe...

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The Orange Lantern Is...Yours? 0

Plot & Action: Overall plot progression is kept to a minimum really. We're still left in the dark about the White Lantern or the mysterious Collector who is going Ash Ketchum on the Emotional Embodiments. Essentially the whole point of the issue is the Orange Lantern. Geoff Johns is slowly building to that aforementioned progression, so we get more of a character driven story here.Character Work: This is the strength of the issue. Hector Hammond hasn't done much in Geoff's run, but with a mo...

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Big head takes on Agent Orange 0

This issue was great. wait you're asking why? oh hell okay I'll explain why but if you haven't read it just a forewarning I'm giving some spoilers; Hector Hammond escapes the big house with the help of the voice in his head meanwhile Hal Jordan's trying to get Larfleeze to tell him how he imprisoned Ophidian in the orange battery, of course that doesn't work at all since Larfleeze is too busy with finding Santa Claus. Out of nowhere Hector Hammond comes and eats the power battery and Ophidian is...

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If you believe in Santa then SPOILER ALERT coming up! 0

This is my second review and today I shall do it on another comic I read yesterday. Green Lantern is fast becoming one of my favourite issues of the month even after only reading 2 issues. Johns keeps up a high standard in Green Lantern and this issue is no exception.    Synopsis   Green Lantern heads off to Minnestota to find Larfleeze and to question him on how to capture the entities. But the duo are attacked by Hector Hammond, an old foe of Green Lantern.   SPOILERS!!   The Good   Johns deli...

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The unfortunate truth about Santa Claus 0

This issue goes off in a weird direction that I could have foreseen, but it makes for a lot of fun in the end.  Hal and the others need help and the help they need is from Larfleeze as they are trying to figure out how to trap the entities (not to mention they might need his help as well.)  As always this makes for some interesting conversations between Hal and Larfleeze, but it gets really interesting when Hector Hammond shows up.  The ensuing scuffle is not so much like a battle, rather Hal is...

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