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The choice

After the events of Zero Hour Kyle finds himself stranded on an alien planet unable to get home, hell he doesn’t even know which direction home is!

He enters an alien bar and asks direction back to earth, an alien chick throws herself at him he turn her down but her alien boyfriend attacks him anyway. He thrashes him and then more bar matrons attack. He is saved by a woman with green skin bearing the symbol of the Green Lantern Corp. They flee to a rooftop where they can be alone. She reminisces about being a lantern and missing it, Kyle consoles her having lost Alex they find solace in each other and kiss. When Kyle wakes up Dara is gone as is his ring.

He cant locate her so he goes back to the bar where he finally realizes where she is. He confronts her and she hands him back the ring since it does not work for her, Kyle offers to take her with him where they can start a new life. She refuses and tells him to leave as he walks off she shoots herself in the head, hara kiri has occurred. Kyle is shaken by this turn of events.

He laments how many people keep dying because of his ring as he leaves the planet, he wonders if he will ever find his way home and comes smack dab in front of a big ole spaceship.
End of issue

The Good!
Nice story about two people dealing with loss in two very different ways. Dara has lost everything for her this is the ring, for Kyle he’s lost Alex. While Kyle has moved on and chosen life as his way of dealing with his loss, Dara has chosen the opposite, she chooses to live in the past with her hopes and dreams and even tries to recapture it, when she can she kills herself because she’s not strong enough to continue living, Kyle however chooses to honor his “everything” and presses on despite the pain.

Adara & Kyle

The Bad!
The whole alien planet thing doesn’t really work for Kyle, he’s much more suited to earth where he can flourish.

Was not a fan of the art in this issue, it was real uneven, some panels especially those with Kyle and Dara were gorgeous while the bar fight was less than stellar.

A slow paced issue with a minor skirmish at the start to satisfy action junkies.

The Ugly!
3/5 stars, it was engaging and all but just had no punch
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Posted by Slayer_Angella

Beautiful review

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