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Alan and Kyle

Kyle is being brutally assaulted by Major force since his ring has no power. Despite this he does not back down. Major force continues his beating until pulling out the green rock to get some answers before killing Kyle. The green rock charges Kyle’s ring and forms itself into a power battery. With his powers restored he steamrolls Major force then has him strapped into an electric chair so he can get some answers about who sent him and why Alex was killed.

Right before he can get those answers police arrive and try to take Kyle in, he’s in no mood to be trifled with so he tells them MF killed Alex and that’s all they need to known they try to take him in but he flies off. He stops on a roof, confused, angry, hurt and regretting ever accepting the power ring. He goes to his apartment where he meets Alan Scott. He lashes out at Allan thinking him another assassin. Allan calms him down and tells him the history of the green lantern corp. and Hal’s descent into villainy. Kyle is thankful for the info but needs time to be alone. Allan leaves him to grieve and process all he info.

Kyle then decides not to get rid of the ring because Alex wouldn’t want him to, he decides to press on despite the pain he feels to make her proud. Right then metron and superman arrive before him, he’s being recruited to stop parallax.
End of issue

The Good
Man I enjoyed seeing Kyle give it to major force! That alone deserves a star J. On the real though it was great for Kyle to finally get his charge battery and know the sheer weight that he now has on his shoulders thanks to that ring. It was also sweet seeing Allan there, this cements Allan as a very important part of Kyle’s history and future. It also leaves me wondering how reckless Ganthet really was!

It was also  nice having him deal with the loss of Alex though it was cut short because of all the other stuff happening in the story, it was also great seeing him tied into the whole zero hour story. I loved Kyle’s decision to keep the ring was because of Alex, in honor of her (get me all misty eyed)

The Bad
Kyle never really gets to deal with Alex’s death as he’s quickly gets thrust into even more hero stuff. The art was ok, but some pieces shone more than others meaning that art was inconsistent!

The Ugly
3.5 stars

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