the_cyan_lantern's Green Lantern #54 - The New Guardians, Chapter Two review

Green Lantern 54, The Issue That Doesn't Feel Like A Filler


   Picking up from Brightest Day 1, Hal, Carol, and Sinestro are in front of the White Lantern when it suddenly reacts to them lifting it. The White Lantern speaks to them and telling them of their new mission. Elsewhere, Atrocitus is on earth causing some mayhem bellow the New York subway. When the 3 approach him in needing his help once more, things get out of hand.

The Good:

   As the title says, IT'S NOT A FILLER ISSUE!!! Many things happen that were good. First we saw more of Dax-Star being a bad ass. Saying that could just be a "that's nuff" but more happens. We also learn the rest of the entities names (finally)!  Finally Atrocitus is able to construct which can mean a even playing field.

The Bad:

   Common, Lobo?!? To me Lobo is useful as Jaime Blue Beetle, however "In Johns I Trust". Let's see how bad ass he'll be.

My Vote: 4 out of 5

   This will no doubt fill that Green Lantern gap you might felt was robbed by you from last months issue.
Posted by ManuelPrez

I was thinking the same,  LOBO WTF are u doing here. For me he's overhype and let see how he's used on this arc

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