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beach battle!

Kyle and Alex are on the beach so she can take some pictures of him for the press, to get his identity and profile out there. This of course boosts both their career; his heroing and her photography. Once that’s done they decide to check out what the ring can really do, he test out his flying then tries
to create something he has intimate knowledge of….he creates Alex in a very revealing swimsuit, much to her chagrin (lol). She asks if the ring has the same energy as last time he says yeah, it just keeps going and going, hell he’s been using it for three days now with no ill effects. He then creates weapons and shield since he’ll need them in battle. Once he makes a laser blaster which pretty much nearly kills them though Kyle thinks its so cool.

Mongul meanwhile continues his escape. He kills and alien who was giving him praise simple because he didn’t like his race, he then unleashes all the prisoners so the guards cant effectively stop him. He then corners a guard with a flying apparatus and questions the location of superman and Green Lantern, the guard has no idea where supes is but says GL was spotted in L.A. he kills the guard grabs the jet pack and takes off for L.A.

The red head guys from the alley where Kyle first got the ring is meeting with a shady character telling him what happened in the alley and then hands over a glowing green rock that he found on site. He asks for money in exchange for the rock. He gets his throat cut as the mysterious man yes the green glowing rock.

Back on the beach Alex and Kyle are cooling off from the test and training when Kyle quickly pushes Alex aside as Mongul descends on them. Mongul thinks Kyle is Hal so he betas him severely and even plans to kill Alex cause she’s GL lady. Kyle gets pummeled as a terrified Alex watches on
End of issue

The Good
Kyle and Alex have great chemistry, whenever they are on panel together everything shines. She’s the more mature of the two though while Kyle the artist has his head literally in the clouds. It was also great introducing Mongul, he comes off quite scary, killing with ought even batting an eye.

It was also great seeing Kyle really start to flex his confidence and willpower muscles more as he grows more accustomed to the ring. Its also a mystery as to what the green glowing rock is….is it kryptonite? Or something Ganthet forgot to give Kyle?

The bad
Everything was solid!

The Ugly
4.5/5 for a thoroughly engrossing issue

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