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Hal races to the planet OA to save the displaced Earth cities. But does even the Green Lantern have enough will power to defeat a Guardian gone mad? Especially when his immortal adversary offers him the life he always wanted. "Back Again!" Part 5 of 8. Guest-starring Green Lantern (Guy Gardner) and Green Lantern (John Stewart).

Hal Jordan is flying to Oa to stop Appa Ali Apsa from stealing cities and their inhabitants from Earth when he runs into an invisable force field and is knocked unconious.

When Hal wakes up he is in the presense of Rose and Toby Hardin in what appears to be Hope Springs. Rose blames Hal for their kidnapping but before Hal can explain they hear a scream from outside. When Hal checks on it some farmers have cornered a group of Xudarians. Hal rescues the aliens and uses the ring to translate their language and learns that they walked from their city to Hope Springs.

Hal then leaves Hope Spring to confront Appa Ali Apsa, and along the way he sees many other life forms. One he meets is aggressive against him and when it appears the alien has defeated him Appa shows up and tells Hal either he keeps him company of Appa will kill him.

Hal then wakes up again in the Hardin house, but this time Rose and Toby act like they are back on Earth and Hal believes them. Then that night, Hal's ring gives off a spark and wakes Hal from the illusion of being on Earth. Hal then pretends to go to bed but instead sends a message to Guy Gardner to come to Oa to stop Appa Ali Apsa.

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