harleyquinn12's Green Lantern #49 - Semper Fi review

Not exactly what I expected.

Well,Im glad John Stewart gets his own issue,as theyve sorta been hinting at giving him the spotlight in the last couple issues. I am a huge John fan,but this isn't exactly what I was hoping for. What we do get is mostly random Black Lanterns fighting him.  Sadly,the only two i recognized were Driq and Katma Tui. The issue didn't really have much of a cliffhanger,but at least the art was ok. I actually enjoyed the backup tale more than the main story,I love the sorta banter bewtween The Atom and Black Lantern Jean Loring. I love jean Loring,so it was nice seeing her. The art on this was nice,I love the colors on Mera.Overall,I think John Stewart could've been better in this issue,but the backup story makes up for the main story. Also,no Fatality in this,I wish she was here but,ah well.

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