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Koz's Comic Flashback

Do you remember way back in 1994? I do. Not only was it  the year I graduated High School, but it was a time Video Games were truly taking over,and comics at that time were in bankruptcy or trying to reinvite themselves. They were trying anything just to keep there readers, forget about getting new ones. Shoot the industry almost went under. 90's comics were just plain out bad!! But... there were a few hidden gems out there and it all started with writer Ron Martz's Green Lantern Vol.3 Emerald Twilight   issue #48-51. So much of of what goes on in todays Green Lantern books had to do with what happened in these few issues. It all starts with Coast City be destroyed. Hal Jordan uses his ring for personal gain. A Gaurdian forces Hal to give up his ring and Hal just loses it!! He kills the Gaurdian and all the other Corps members. You witness the first apperance of Parallax and Ganthet handing over the last power ring to Kyle Rayner. Just like that a new Lantern is born. I do have all the issues in vol. 3 and the series is overall pretty good. These few issues hold up very well in the in todays comic world. If you are a Green Lantern fan and have never read these issues I suggest you should. You will not be Dissapointed. They did do something right in the 90's. I give these four issues 4.5 out 5








Thanks for reading Mike Koz :)                                                                        Happy collecting Everyone!!


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    SynopsisCoast city has been vaporized, not nothing more than a rather large hole or charred sand. Hal is there, grieving, thinking about why his city was destroyed and thinking of all his life has been and how all of it is tied into this city….now a simple hole.   Unbearable loss He uses his ring to recreate coast city and speaks with his dad and mom and even his very first girlfriend. Alas the people were not truly reborn but simple manifestations of his battered Psyche. Just as his father is...

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