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"This is Now!" Guest-starring Green Arrow. Back together again, Green Lantern and Green Arrow team-up to take on the intergalactic merc Flicker and discover the mystery behind Carol Ferris' connection to the Crosswinds Corporation once and for all.

Oliver Queen was in Star City fighting Flicker in an alley. Flicker quickly defeats the archer and knocking him out. After meeting Carol Ferris, Hal Jordan found out Oliver and Tom Kalmaku had disappeared after she had fund Hal's air taxi business using the Crosswinds Corp. and drawing connections to a place that Olivia Reynolds is heading, Crosswinds Corner where a large castle stands. Hal flies Carol over but are attacked along the way by missiles. They enter the castle by going through a window and Carol reveals that her father, Carl Ferris is alive when he appears in front of Hal and attacks him relentlessly and Hal fights back to hurt him but breaks the shell of Carl Ferris who's a robot but Carol is kidnapped by Flicker who drags her to another room placing her with Tom as well as the newly arrived Olivia lead by another of the Carl Ferris robots. Hal notices Carol's disappearance and sets out to find her, instead meets Oliver who compares their days in Hard Traveling Heroes to their modern days which lead to a brief argument between the two who focuses on how to rescue their friends which came up with pretending to harm Carol which leads to the robots turning on Flicker who escapes and seeing Carol's mother who was alive and everyone going to their own paths. Olivia drove away to sell her toys when she noticed a statue of Hal as Green Lantern losing his head...

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