chocolate_lantern's Green Lantern #45 - Love Hurts review

Did Geoff Johns forget about Hal Jordan?

I thought this issue was good, but did they get it right? Was this supposed to be a Green Lantern Corps issue? Where is Hal ? This issue felt more like a GL Corps issue than a Green Lantern issue. This issue has the Green Lanterns Corps, Blue Lanterns Corps, Sinestro Corps, Black Lanterns Corps, Red Lanterns Corps, Orange Lantern Corps, and the Star Sapphire Corps, but no Hal which is typical of the GL Corps volume. When I got to the end of this issue I honestly forgot this was Green Lantern, I thought it was GL Corps. But with that said, I thought it was an ok issue. I give it 3 out of 5. The story was entertaining, it did touch basis on each Corps, and it had a lot of fighting, over all it was entertaining. The best part I thought was when Agent Orange was surrounded by a bunch of Black Lanterns. “OOOoooOOoOOooooooOOooo A Black ring?!” “Where did you come from?!” “GIMME!”    


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