themaskedhero's Green Lantern #44 - Only the Good Die Young review

Bringing Order to the Universe

Blackest Night. I feel like a betrayer of Marvel for jumping ship over to DC for Blackest Night. But it's really good. 
This, well it's worth reading, I almost feel like it's worth reading when it comes out in the trade form, which I see no reason it won't. We get some action tying the first two issues of Blackest Night together in terms of where Hal falls in all of this and we get the Guardian, Scar, explaining that all this killing is just bringing order to a universe that needed it. I hate to put this book down because of all the really good praise Johns gets and I don't discredit that he's a great writer,  but I didn't feel like I was getting anything I might not have just stumbled upon if I read the main series. It wasn't  must read. 
We get a few looks into the mind of the Black Lanterns and how they see the emotions bleeding out of the people they wish to kill. It was very pleasing to see that at first The Flash displayed Hope, so we know how he differs from Hal who is constantly displaying will power. 
I'm really grasping at straws here trying to say something about this book at makes it a book worth picking up, the art is good and clean, but I get the feeling that this is some of DC's best art and it doesn't rank in my mind to the inventive art styles Marvel has me used to. It's not a boring read, just not fantastic. 
Green Lantern fans should pick this up and maybe people that want more Geoff John's material to drool over.


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