dr_x's Green Lantern #44 - Only the Good Die Young review

Green Lantern # 44 - Only the Good Die Young

Well T.B’s    as we all come to know that the whole Blackest Night by Geff Jons who also wrote 52 one of my Favorite Arcs , and in the  same vain Blackest Night is right up there   and   who knows this   may even get a Eisner   for 2010   it’s that   good   so far .



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    Bringing Order to the Universe 0

    Blackest Night. I feel like a betrayer of Marvel for jumping ship over to DC for Blackest Night. But it's really good.  This, well it's worth reading, I almost feel like it's worth reading when it comes out in the trade form, which I see no reason it won't. We get some action tying the first two issues of Blackest Night together in terms of where Hal falls in all of this and we get the Guardian, Scar, explaining that all this killing is just bringing order to a universe that needed it. I hate to...

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    Just Great. 0

    I really loved this book. I didn't find anything wrong with it. The story = amazing, the art = amazing. The whole thing was just great. I love how they go back to the end of Blackest Night #1 and show you how they ended up seeing the Martian Manhunter as a Black Lantern and Barry and Hal, just looking at him. The fight scene, which was most of the book, was great. The action and the drama. And then when they show John Stewart and the black ring flying. Whoah, just amazing. Really one of the most...

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