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The Predator has been forced out of Carol Ferris's pyche, and is now using Arisia's body to track down Carol and Hal Jordon. The Predator has found Hal at his cabin north of Evergreen, but Deathstroke has been hired to track down Carol and protect her, at any costs. While Hal and the Predator fight Deathstroke escapes with Carol as a hostage.

Hal chases after Deathstroke but the assasin is much too slippery for the Green Lantern. But when he comes face to face with the Predator, Deathstroke may have met his match.

Meanwhile, inside the Predator pyche Arisia regains her lost memories, and discovers that traped inside the Predator is the Star Saphire, and she has a dark secert. Arisia with the help of the Star Saphire are able to expel the Predator back into Carol's body and let the Star take control and destroy the Predator.

This is where is it is revealed the the Star Saphire is pregnant but it will not give birth for a while. Deathstroke decides that he is being played and doesn't need this job and leaves Hal, Arisia and Carol to figure out what to do next.

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