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Goin Green

Worry not Green Lanterns. Hal Jordan is not dead. He survives going inside the Yellow Lantern Battery but his mission fails. He and Sinestro are captured. Hal, with just a little power left, decides to create one last construct of his long time love Carol Ferris. As he looks at her and loses his power, he says he's sorry. Meanwhile, Sinestro is being tortured and the Yellow Corps can't seem to be able to destroy or remove the ring. He's thrown into a cell with other Korugarians and has to defend and explain himself. Speaking through the walls, Hal and Sinestro formulate a plan.

As expected, another great episode. There's more action and more great dialogue. It doesn't seem a coincidence that both Hal and Sinestro are apologizing to others in this issue. Infact, we are seeing a slow change in the characters. Hal is realizing that Sinestro is more powerful than any other Green Lantern while Sinestro is realizing maybe he's been misguided. It's great to see both these characters come to this point.

Geoff and Mahnke do another great job together. However, a few pages look slightly different than the rest. Maybe it's because there are two different inkers. It's not a big difference, nor bad, but it is noticeable. Once again, the colors seems to pop right off the page.

This is a great issue and it has a great last page. Sinestro proves he is powerful and helps his citizens but his plan might have just backfired against him. Again, I love seeing Hal and Sinestro where they are and I can't wait to see how this continues to unfold.


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