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Sinestro and Hal have been summoned back to Oa. The Guardians of the Universe want them to answer for supposedly breaking the territorial edict. Therefore, their rings autopilot them back to Oa to face the Guardians.

The Guardians are upset at Sinestro for breaking this edict a second time. Sinestro claims that he was assisting a rookie in the apprehension of Atroticus of the Five Inversions. The Guardians do not take this to heart and state that this isn't an excuse to break the edict. The Guardians want Atroticus to be returned to Ysmault where he will finish out the remainder of his sentence, an eternity of imprisonment.

Hal begins to speak his mind and question the rules set forth by the Guardians. He questions why the Green Lantern Corps members must be separated, why the Manhunters went rogue, and if the Guardians even felt fear. This last question enrages the Guardians and Sinestro abruptly puts an end to Hals questioning. He's afraid that he may have pushed them a little too far.

The Guardians tell Hal that he was out of line to mention that and threaten him to the verge of expulsion.

Sinestro retorts the Guardians and claims that in some circumstances it is necessary for fellow Corps members to travel to other sectors of the galaxy to assist them, help them grow, and to make sure that they are "in check". All of these things can ensure that the Massacre of Sector 666 does not ever happen again.

The Guardians leave Hal with his ring and in the care of Sinestro as they contemplate their decision. Sinestro then begins to gather his things in preparation for transporting Atroticus to Ysmault. Sinestro tells Hal that they will reconvene in another month so he can "evaluate Hals' progress".

Back in Ferris airfield, Tom and Hal are discussing which aircraft Hal is going to be taking up that day. Tom, in a matter of three weeks, has repaired the old plane which was off to the junk yard. This aircraft is special to Hal because it is one that his father had taken him up in as a child.

At Edwards Air Force base, Hector Hammond is contained inside a small chamber in Hangar 44. He wants out and doesn't appreciate being "poked and prodded" by their scientists. Hector is jealous of Hal and Green Lantern's lifestyle.

In Coast City Hospital, William Hand is seen browsing bodies in the morgue by the security guard. William kills the guard with his Cosmic Divining Rod.

Sinestro, finally delivers Atrocticus to Ysmault. As he's about to leave the Five Inversions begin to taunt him about witnessing Abin Sur's death. They also state a prophesy that Sinestro's homeworld will decend into civil unrest with riots, and a 'bloody coup'. Krougar will lead the unrest. Sinestro states his doubt and that they cannot instill fear in him. Atrocticus threatens that one day Sinestro will feel his rage and will burn with it.

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