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A (New) Secret Origin

I'm just going to say this right now.  Ivan Reis has to be one of my favorite artists in the biz right now.  'nuff said.
Are we ever going to tire of authors coming back and retelling our favorite hero's origin story and calling it "Secret Origin"?  Or is the constant retelling a necessity and does calling them "Secret Origin" add a timelessness to it? 
I don't know what your thoughts are on that, but when I first started reading this "Secret Origin" arc I was disappointed.  Disappointed that we would be forced to go through a retelling of Hal's origin right when so much cool stuff with the Red Lanterns was kicking off in the GL books.  And this isn't a small arc either, this puppy is seven issues long if you count the one that I haven't read yet (#35).
The best part is when I read an issue like this that proves me wrong.  Like I said before, Reis' work is awesome and if any of you know me, you know that I think Geoff Johns is the best writer in the business right now.  I liked how in the beginning Hal's monologue talks about no one really ever knowing him until he met Sinestro.  I also like the bit with him using the ring against yellow and Sinestro not believing him.  The part with Carol was excellently done as well.
All in all a great book, I would have given it five stars if it weren't a retelling of Hal's "Secret Origin" or at least if it wasn't a retelling that was seven issues long.
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Posted by Trodorne

See here is the difference in what i think of this book. Geoff Johns took a history we all know and added a few segments to it. i read green lantern back in the 80's when i was still a kid. fairly young but a kid. i stopped reading the series around close to 1989. and i stopped following it. though i read it on and off right now even after blackest night. i can say its a great rehash of the old story. 
   and to me its a great precursor to the blackest night. it sets it up so well, as this happened so many years ago just as hal became a green lantern. and the events to blackest night have been underway since. so as a ex green lantern fan id give it a 5.

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