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The penultimate chapter of "Secret Origin"! Hal Jordan and Sinestro face off against Abin Sur's killer - Atrocitus! But what dark secret has Atrocitus uncovered about the impending "Blackest Night?" And what revelation will forever change the relationship between Hal and Carol Ferris?


  • Hal and Sinestro have tracked Atrocitus to the Hand Mortuary and found him attempting to access "The Black" through the blood of William Hand.
  • Sinestro explains that the Five Inversions believe that the blood of select individuals can be used as gateways to other dimensions, and characterized these beliefs as "nonsense".
  • Atrocitus nearly blasts Hal with his cosmic divining rod but misses when Sinestro tackles Hal out of the blast path. Hal is angry and seeking to prove something while Sinestro lectures him that "falling back" is a strategy and not an act of cowardice.
  • Sinestro retrieves his lantern from it's storage in a pocket dimension with Hal remarking that he "keeps his in his locker".
  • The two Lanterns recharge and take on Atrocitus. Hal's construct of a Jet is weak and easily dispatched by the monster. Sinestro challenges Hal to concentrate harder and craft a stronger attack.
  • Atrocitus recognizes Sinestro as "the Greatest Green Lantern" and finds him equally to blame for the Guardians actions. He slams Sinestro with a yellow construction vehicle and is poised to deliver a killing blow when Hal fashions a more detailed and stronger jet. Hal's construct crashes into Atrocitus with tremendous force seemingly blasting through the yellow vehicle that Atrocitus raised as a shield. 
  • Sinestro refuses to believe Hal had overcome the "yellow weakness" and secures his prisoner for transport to Oa. William Hand runs off, but not before taking Atrocitus cosmic divining rod with him.
  • Sinestro challenges Hal about his anger prompting Hal to fly off and confront the true source of his rage, Carl Ferris. He has blamed Ferris for his father's death and his anger was only compounded by Hal's belief that Ferris went on to live a life of riches and indulgence.
  • His ring takes him to Carol Ferris' beachfront home where he barges in looking for Carl. Hal find's Ferris asleep in a hospital bed, clearly dying. Carol explains that after Martin Jordan's accident Carl Ferris wasted away, guilt ridden over his friend's death. Carol worked hard to rebuild his business while hiding his true condition behind stories of Carl living the good life golfing and traveling.
  • Hal realized that he had been holding on to his anger for too long and apologized. When Carol remarked to him that it was not easy to be alone, he told her she wasn't, indicating the first step in their relationship.
  • Back in the desert, Hal watches as a construct of his father smiles and disperses in the wind. He lets go of his anger and admits to Sinestro that he was right. The elder Lantern imparts upon Hal a lesson about how Green Lanterns deal with life; a lesson Hal would pass on to Kyle years later. The two Lanterns shake hands as friends.
  • Before parting, Hal and Sinestro are alerted by their rings that Sinestro's mission time has expired and that they are in violation of the Guardians territorial edicts against fraternization between Lanterns. The story ends with their respective rings ordering the two Lanterns to report to Oa immediately for discipline. 

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