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"GREEN LANTERN: SECRET ORIGIN" Part 5 of 6! Hal and Sinestro continue to battle Abin Sur's killer, but will these two Green Lanterns become enemies before they become friends? And what strange secrets within Abin Sur's power ring concern the massacre of Space Sector 666?

In Hand Mortuary, in the basement of his home, William is seen gazing at corpses while there to be embalmed. He is caught by his mother and questioned as to his Christianity.

Back on the airfield, Hector continues to read their minds and now focuses on Hal's. He learns that Hal is the Green Lantern and about his training in the Green Lantern Corps. Hector becomes jealous of Hal and his potential powers and turns hostile. Hal, with all of his will power begins to fight back as the Green Lantern. Being a rookie he struggles getting his ring to do what he wants. Sinestro to the rescue! He comes and subdues Hector and swoops off with Hal on another assignment.

On their way out Sinestro chastises Hal for flying without his ring and for not being prepared for the scuffle with Hector. Sinestro admits that he was suspended himself when he was a rookie for accusing the Guardians of the Universe for putting the yellow impurities in the universe.

This other assignment turns out ot be visiting Abin Sur's shallow grave in New Mexico. While near the gravesite Hal's ring is triggered and Abin Sur's message--which was recorded on the ring before he died--begins to play for Sinestro.

Abin leaves a message for Sinestro telling him about the massacre of sector 666 and the five remaining survivors, "the Five Inversions". He said they were a "terrorist cell bent on the destruction of the Guardians of the Universe and chief among them was Atrocitus". He goes on to mention the prophecy of the "darkness" and that it could be found on Earth.

Sinestro surmises that Abin mostly perished--not from the crash of the space ship--but from an attack by Atrocitus. He figures out that Atrocitus must have survived the crash and is now at large on Earth searching for this "darkness".

Back at the funeral home, William is ushering a hosted funeral for a family where he is greeted by Atrocitus. Just then both Hal and Sinestro swoop down and attempt to arrest Atrocitus.

To both of their surprises, Atrocitus has in his possession a Cosmic Divining Rod...

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