chaplainandrews's Green Lantern #30 - Secret Origin, Part 2 review

GL: Secret Origin Part Two


Geoff John’s does a wonderful job of getting me interested in the Green Lantern again with Green Lantern #30.

As he continues building the plot for the Secret Origin—it is quite clear that he is building a bigger story. It is exciting for me to read the interwoven stories foreshadowing of the current arc (The Blackest Night). But, let me focus back on the story.

Secret Origins Part Two revisits the “Ring Ceremony” as Hal Jordan places the ring on his finger. I was surprised and confused that the ability to overcome fear was the reason for choosing Jordan to be the Green Lantern. Had always assumed that if was a much more noble reason—values—truth, justice, or something like that—but Geoff Johns cites “overcoming fear” as the reason. (more...)

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