razzatazz's Green Lantern #30 - Secret Origin, Part 2 review

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This issue takes the origin story of Hal Jordan and gives it more depth and does so in a way that even erases some of the inconsistencies of the story.  For instance for a group of characters that can fly in space, why did Abin Sur crash a spaceship on Earth?  Well the answer here is pretty well played out, it is not just some comic book logic style of reason, but rather ties into everything which is going on in the Green Lantern titles at the moment.  The real heart of this issue though rests in its character depictions, most Hal, Tom and briefly Carol.  The origin story of Hal often overlooks his human frailties but her they are quite evident.  Overall this is a pretty good issue to read and even someone very familiar with the character will probably still want to have a look.  

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