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The Amazing Theft of the Power Lamp

Hal Jordan is returning to the Ferris Aircraft Company but finds it strange as it took less time to get back than he thought it would, and he looks around the base and feels things aren't quite right. He ignores it and thinks he's just a little crazy, but when he tries to charge his power battery, it disappears along with the rest of the base. He searches and finds it where it should be and then goes to his room to charge his ring only to find that it's gone. Meanwhile, Pieface is fixing his landlady's TV aerial but as he does, he receives a message about how the Qwardians had tricked Green Lantern into giving the location to his power battery by making a holographic projection of it and having him enter it and try to charge his ring. Since his power battery is kept invisible, they couldn't find it, but by tracking his location inside the holographic projection of the base, they found where it was and stole it. Hearing enough, Pieface hurries off to Hal Jordan and tells him everything. They go to Pieface's house and find that some of the Qwardians had disguised themselves as salesmen and were occupying a vacant room and they had the power battery. The Qwardians then send the battery to the anti-matter universe but Hal Jordan uses his ring to follow its radiation trail back to Qward. As Green Lantern enters Qward, he's attacked by their weapons while the Qwardians seal the power battery in a yellow barrier so Green Lantern won't be able to get it. After getting past the weapons, Hal follows his battery's radiation trail but realizes it's in a yellow barrier he cannot penetrate. But he uses his ring to try to find a small opening somewhere in the barrier, and as he finds it, he destroys the barrier from the inside as it is not yellow inside. Afterwards, he tries to charge his ring but realizes he cannot charge it in the Anti-Matter universe. Using the last of his power remaining, he creates a false image of himself which the Qwardians go after while he makes himself invisible along with the power battery and hurries back to his universe where he then charges his ring.

Afterwards he captures the Qwardians who had taken his battery and then he and Pieface return to the Ferris Plant where Carol asks if they took the morning off as they were no where to be seen, to which Hal answers that they had things to do.

The Leap Year Menace

Hal Jordan in his guise as the Green Lantern plans on attending the Coast City Community Chest Drive to help attract large crowds and donations. As he leaves, a swarm of fan girls come and ask for his autograph, but he flies away to escape them all. Later, Carol asked to see Hal Jordan as she wants his opinion on whether or not she should propose to Green Lantern. She plans on seeing him at the Charity Drive and thinks it would be a perfect time, but Hal doesn't like the idea and says she should marry someone less of a celebrity, and Carol asks if he means himself, and he agrees while she doesn't and Hal feels he should just leave. As he leaves, he thinks about how Carol wants to take advantage of the leap year to propose to Green Lantern and how he wants to win Carol as himself not as Green Lantern. At the same time, he finds a dilemma as he has to meet her at the park but he plans on trying to find ways to keep her from asking the question. Later, Hal Jordan goes to the charity as Green Lantern and begins to give a speech afterwards he and Carol sit together alone in the park and Green Lantern uses all sorts of excuses to try to keep her from asking to propose but as he finds himself running out of excuses, he desperately uses his ring to create a giant monster but as Carol gets annoyed at all the excuses, neither of them notice a toy plane fly through the air and hit Green Lantern in the back of the head, knocking him out. She finds him unconscious and takes him to a doctor but in the meantime, the confused monster he summoned is terrorizing the city. The military tries to stop the monster, but it continues to cause chaos.The monster starts heading for an atomic stockpile and Green Lantern wakes up in the hospital and as he listens over the radio, he hurries off and quickly unmakes the monster. He is thanked by the people for saving them while he feels weird as he caused the monster in the first place and so plans to help rebuild the damage it caused later. Then Carol Ferris approaches him and attempts to propose to him but then several fan girls appear and try to propose to him too and he says he can't marry all of them and uses it as an excuse to get away and avoid answering Carol's proposal.... for now.

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