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Green Trust

Perfection, my friends, continues. Nothing I write or say can describe how I love this series and just how perfect it is. Could it be? Is Sinestro, the renegade traitor Green Lantern, actually the most powerful and greatest Green Lantern of all time?

Sinestro explains why he comes to Hal Jordan for help. Because he trusts him. And he knows exactly how to get him to agree to help him. Because Hal always tries to do the right thing... and he wants a ring back. Hal agrees and Sinestro explains his plans on how to save his home world of Korugar from his own Yellow Sinestro Corps. Meanwhile, after apparently brain washing Ganthet, the Guardians on the Universe recognize that like the Manhunters before them, the Green Lanterns have faults. Therefore, it's time to eliminate the Green Lanterns and form a third army.

Johns just continues to excel at writing Green Lantern. There's tons of great banter again between Hal and Sinestro. It's funny, serious, and it's exactly what you would expect the characters to say. And not only is there more great character development but we get more action in this one as well as well as a shocking ending! This is a great story of Hal and Sinestro and trying to save Korugar, but to throw in the brief scene with the Guardians really gets me excited. Obviously, that will be the next great and epic story line.

Mahnke continues his great work and he even gets more of a chance to shine. The art really picks up since we move the story to space and alien worlds. He gets to create some pretty cool looking alien characters and handles the action scenes well.

I just can't imagine comics getting any better than this. Humor, action, sci-fi, great characters and dialogue, and a great story. I know this great run will eventually end but I can hope it never does! Green Lantern continues to be the very best comic in the business today and looks to continue in the same direction and get even better! Do yourself, your girlfriend, you family and friends, and humanity a favor and read Green Lantern!

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