delphic's Green Lantern #3 - Sinestro, Part Three review

What a Surprise

What can I say other than Sinestro continues to surprise me. Sinestro plans to take out his own corps and free his home world of Korugar where his people have been enslaved by them. Also enlisting the aid of the unlikely Hal Jordan as well as a few tricks I’ve never seen Lanterns preform before, we see Sinestro strike out to save his world with a plan to initiate a failsafe that will shut down the Yellow lantern power battery. This issue had so many shocking points, including a reaction in Sinestro I thought I would never see – which is Sinestro actually sticking his neck out for someone—and an ending that made my eyes go wide in shock. I was absolutely thrilled by this issue, and if Geoff John’s keeps telling Lantern stories like this he’s going to go down as the best Lantern writer in Comic History. 


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    The Good: Geoff Johns and his infamous Geoffcons are the source of much anger and spite for DC fans, but you can't deny that the man knows how to write an entertaining story. This issue is proof of that. The Sinestro Corps are tearing Korugar apart, and their former leader must bring them down before his homeworld meets its end. To do so, he recruits the one man in the universe he feels he can trust: Hal Jordan. The dialogues between Hal and Sinestro are great, with each man struggling to concea...

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