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Green Lantern is faked into thinking that he has deadened the parts that give him his super human mind. Meanwhile Hector Hammond escapes prison by taking control of a prison guard who carries him out. Hector also frees Sonar, in a plan to get back at the Green Lantern.

A fake, subconscious battle ensues between Sonar and the Green Lantern (brought on by Hector, in an effort to learn more about the Green Lantern, his fighting strategy and to see how he would win a battle). In this subconscious planned scenario the Green Lantern loses his ring to sonar in a battle, Sonar also loses his stun gun. The Green Lantern then shoots Sonar and takes his ring back.

Meanwhile a real attack by Sonar on Coast CIty has begun. This time when the weapons are switched Green Lantern gets trapped inside a box--in order to escape he turns the gun on himself to vibrate enough to pass through the box. He then uses the gun to make a waterspout that takes out Sonar temporarily, he then takes his ring back and turns Sonar back over to the police.

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