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This is it! The most talked-about storyline of the summer, "The Sinestro Corps War," concludes in this double-sized anniversary issue! Why does Sinestro believe he has won? How will Hal Jordan stop his greatest enemy? What is the truth behind the prophecy of "The Blackest Night"? Where will the end results of this battle take the Green Lantern Corps? What is the bizarre fate of the Anti-Monitor? Why has Earth been assigned so many Green Lanterns? Learn all the secrets! Witness all the battles! Prepare yourself for the startling ending of the greatest epic in the history of Green Lantern!







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The Coming of the Black Lantern! 0

Wow what an issue...a worthy ending to the best thing ever to happen to Green Lantern and the Corp. While I am dissapointed Guy didn't die...who expected him to? One thing DC needs to get right...timing...I knew from Countdown that Superman Prime was not dead. Anyways I digest...LOLI will not spoil anything...The Green Lantern Corps, JLA, JSA, and others battle the Sinestro Corps. Needless to say from figure it out...go read it. :pIt is gorgeously done in art and writing and it m...

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Best thing Johns has ever written 0

I actually needed to take a cigarette break after that. In fact so much happened in this issue I had to read it a second time. Real high octane over the top battle scenes and Reis' art is absolutely fantastic. Some pages have dozens and dozens of characters fighting. Anyway without giving away spoilers here's why the story is so great. Guardians reveal the prophecy of the 7 corps, Sinestro dukes it out with Hal but may have already won since he already achieved what he wanted. Anti-Monitor, Prim...

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The Finest GL Story EVER! 0

Words can NOT describe the greatness of the Sinestro Corps War.I can't fathom a better more mind-blowingly amazing Green Lantern story. This was possibly the best thing I've ever read (Granted I've only been reading comics for a year but still). I don't want to say much about what happens in this mighty conclusion for two reasons. Reason 1, spoilers, I hate them, and I'm pretty sure that I'm not alone in that thought. Reason 2, so damn much happens in this ish, I could write a book about it...

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