arkhamc1tizen's Green Lantern #24 - Lights Out, Part One: Dark Days review

Relic strikes

Relic the big bad in the last few issues of green lantern: new guardians finally strikes against Oa and the Green lantern corps. With so much build up can Vendetti and co. live up to the expectation?

the good

To begin with I want to give some well deserved credit to Billy Tan for his art since he started on this title and he isn't given enough credit, and since I was not a fan of his art in New Avengers, his art has a nice finish and he draws the wide range of aliens in the corps very well.

Vendetti's writing is as good as ever, and he fits well into this title after/during his run on X-O manowar, he writes Relic well and there is a definite love triangle building between Kyle ranger/Hal Jordan/ Carol Ferris and it should be interesting to see this plot line unfold. Hal is fitting in well as leader of the corps with John Stewart as his right hand man.

the bad

Relic's arrival was a bit forced and did not seem to fit into the current story that Vendetti is unfolding, but that might be my view.

The overview

The whole issue seemed a bit forced and we jumped in after we had seen something in #21 so it seemed a bit off but overall a good issue


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