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The name of the game is Zombies

This review will contain spoilers, no way around it really. I'm reading all the Villain Month issues for the new reader perspective. I've actually read Blackest Night so I know a bit about Black Hand and his new gig but I don't know what he's been doing in the New 52.

The Good:

I like the start of the issue when Black Hand is more confused and kind of wandering around. It's pretty good stuff, although I wish it had been used to explain Black Hand's feeling a bit more. There's a lot of interesting power use here, such as Black Hand using a zombie roach to slowly work his way up to gaining a human zombie on his side and another little trick that comes to mind. It makes me hopeful that the character will stay inventive as he goes along. The way Black Hand returns to Earth is pretty neat, although it's kind of vague about just how it worked(where those his ashes or can he just teleport via dead?)

The Bad:
Black Hand does operate past street level here and even with the inventive use of his powers I don't see him being a threat to the Green Lantern, at least currently. Also while his motive is nice to know, it hasn't changed since Blackest Night and I found it boring there and boring here. Once again this is a Villain Month issue that doesn't do very much overall.


This issue was pretty bland for me, the best part was the power use and that doesn't cover nearly enough of this issue for me to have a great time reading it. If you're a GL fan then you might want to look into this as Hal will probably be meeting this guy at some point. If you really loved Blackest Night or you're a big zombie fan then this is worth looking into.

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that's a Major power Decrease.

Good review.

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that's a Major power Decrease.

Good review.

Yeah, maybe he'll get stronger as he goes but I don't see him ever reaching Blackest Night level again.


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