the_mighty_monarch's Green Lantern #21 - Dark Days Ahead review

Future Looking Bright.

After almost a decade of complete reshaping at the hands of Geoff Johns, Green Lantern is beginning a whole new era. Whether this is the age of Venditti or not has yet to be seen, but he's taken over the reigns impressively well. Instead of resetting things to status quo, Johns threw things for the craziest change yet right at his finale, throwing the reigns into the air for Venditti to catch them without missing a beat. However, Venditti seemed like a fine replacement for Cornell on Demon Knights, but slowly started to let me down. I've seen no evidence that he'll repeat that on Green Lantern, but not much evidence that he'll impress me. He handled the general fallout and new direction in the wake of Wrath of the First Lantern and the death of the Guardians really well, but we didn't get to see much of his own ideas. The In Medias Res scene was utilized better than usual, as it showed tkind of tease of things to come, rather than leading the issue solely to that moment.

Billy Tan is an artist I have almost zero prior exposure to, and while he doesn't blow me away, he smoothly slips his way right into the Green Lantern style with elegance and perfection. Billy Tan already feels like a great choice for the solo Green Lantern series, a sort of basic template for the Green Lantern style. His interior art is definitely better than his cover art, but I do really like the design for the cover.

There were some very obvious status quo changes, but Venditti decided to throw us for a little bit more of a loop with a lot of little changes in addition. And everything he does, he does without compromising what came before. Even after everything Johns put Hal and Carol through, he never had them truly fix the fundamental problems with their relationship; and now that the momentum is done, there's some feelings that need to be out in the air. Honestly, it makes perfect sense, and to me feels a bit way overdue.

In Conclusion: 4/5

Venditti starts up in pretty much the best way I could imagine. He doesn't try to set off with bang ot slow things to a status quo; he just keeps up the pace. I'm optimistic about the near future of the Green Lantern family, even with Fialkov's departure from two of these seriess'.


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