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Secret of the Golden Thunderbolts

In Coast City, some citizens have found a mysterious hole which had cut electrical and telephone lines and apparently lead to nowhere, and such holes are found throughout the city. Meanwhile, Hal Jordan is thinking about Carol Ferris and how he wants to win her love on his own and not as Green Lantern. A mysterious man approaches Hal Jordan and tells him he needs him to contact the Green Lantern as he needs his help. As Hal looks into his eyes, they tell him the story of how the man is from the Anti-matter universe of Qward and how Qward has mostly been ruled by evil ones but there are good ones among them being hunted down. The good ones plan on using a newly built device which can bridge the anti-matter universe to the positive matter universe to escape oppression. One of them then managed to get through the bridge, though it was guarded and as he did, his atoms were turned into positive matter atoms and he began to live in this new universe. He realized his friends could come to this new universe but also learned that he had been followed by one of the evil beings. He then tells him that the only being that can help him is Green Lantern. Hal then secretly changes into the Green Lantern, but as he arrives, one of the evil warriors from Qward attacks, and because of the color of his yellow lightning bolts and shield, his ring was ineffective against him. Hal turns himself invisible and then manages to attack the warrior by surprise but afterward he finds that Telle-Teg, the Qwardian he had met, was killed when a lightning bolt had been thrown at him by the evil warrior. Hal then decides to finish what Telle-Teg had started and uses his ring to follow a radiation trail to a portal leading to the anti-matter universe of Qward. He enters and takes out two guards and then proceeds on his way to find the allies of Telle-Teg. Meanwhile, the evil Qwardians had found the rebels and started to attack them but Hal gets there in time. Using the power of his ring, Hal quickly takes out several warriors and makes them flee. Afterward, he frees Telle-Teg's friends and leads them the positive matter universe. They then tell him that the evil Qwardians plan on stealing all the Green Lantern power batteries in the universe, but do not know why. After he deposits the Qwardians on an asteriod where they may all live peacefully, he ponders that he may not have seen the last of the Qwardians if the evil ones plan on stealing all the power batteries.

Riddle of the Frozen Ghost Town

It starts with Hal Jordan asking Carol Ferris why she likes Green Lantern more than him, but then she tells him that there are more important things such as Pieface planning on quitting that week. Hal is confused as to what has been going on with Pieface to make him quit, but as he does, he finds thugs attacking Pieface and he proceeds to drive them away (without his ring). He then asks Pieface what that was all about and then he's told that he just bumped into them and he doesn't know who they are. He then tells him that he wants to go back to Alaska and also tells him why he came to America in the first place. Last year, his father and a white trapper named Jimmy Dawes were taking a trip in the far north when they discovered a hole in a rock. They found it was a cave and that there were lots of gold minerals in there. The two then made a plan to get the gold and made a map which they split in half and each kept their own half so they would both be protected. Eventually his father got ill and died and passed on the other half to him and now he's waited for Dawes to come with the other half but he never came so he went to the States. He wants to help his village in Alaska as they are very poor and in his free time had been trying to find Dawes. But then he realizes that his half of the map is gone and the thugs he encountered earlier must have taken it. Hal then goes off and becomes Green Lantern and then uses his ring to probe Pieface's mind to find a memory of the map. They then hurry off to Alaska and use then Green Lantern uses his ring to try to locate the treasure and they come across a Camp Arctic which had now become a frozen ghost town. Unfortunately, a plane enters the area and in it are the men from earlier who want the treasure as well. Green Lantern attempts to use his ring on them but then realizes his 24 hour power limit is almost up and his ring goes dead. In the confusion, the thugs take him out and then freeze him in the ice and abduct Pieface. Green Lantern soon awakens and uses the last of his ring's power to generate a miniature sun to free himself but then no longer has power. Meanwhile, the thugs plan to use the map to now find the treasure and tell how Dawes lost his half to them due to gambling. But then, Green Lantern comes and surprise attacks the thugs, and even without his ring's power, he takes out the thugs and frees Pieface. Soon they find the treasure and with it Pieface can return home to work as Hal Jordan's mechanic. But as soon as they get home, he tells Hal that he knows he's really the Green Lantern and he figured it out by the way he took out the thugs both as Green Lantern and Hal Jordan as the attack styles were similar as well as other things. Instead of using his ring to make Pieface forget the secret, Hal decides to trust him but tells him he's the only one in the world that will know.

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