stormtrance1618's Green Lantern #2 - Sinestro, Part Two review

Green With Envy

Hal is miserable and lost without his Green Lantern ring. Sinestro is using it to save his home planet Korugar and discovering new powers in the process. He creates a new ring himself for Hal and gives it to him. But it comes with a price. It can't harm Sinestro and Sinestro can shut it off whenever he wants. Hal is basically Sinestros' own Green Lantern. So why would Sinestro give Hal a ring? He wants help in return of course.

Folks, it just simply doesn't get any better than this. Sure, there is maybe only three or four pages of action, but that doesn't matter. This issue is solely about the characters. There is great character development here. The dialogue and banter between the rivals is awesome. Just take the first words from the issue that Sinestro says to a shocked Hal.

Don't just stand there like a statute, Jordan. Or can't you hear without the ring?

You really get a great sense of who and what these characters are with this issue. What they believe in, what they stand for, and what they think of others. But more importantly, we are beginning to see just how powerful of a Green Lantern Sinestro really is. Also, one might suspect that deep down, Sinestro thinks Hal is a great Green Lantern and deserves to be one. Just think back to that moment in War of the Green Lanterns when Hal inspired Sinestro to help him. "He would die for the Corps", Sinestro yells as he helps Hal and gets a Green Lantern ring in the process. It seems as if Sinestro recognized Hal's true worth and value at that moment.

Geoff Johns just continues to nail it when writing this series. Doug Mahnke continues his fine job of doing the art. There's another stand out page where Gorgor, a Yellow Lantern, is attacking Sinestro and Hal. It's so sweet looking!

If you've been keeping up with Johns' Green Lantern and have been enjoying it, you will not be disappointed. The story line might not be as grand, epic, big, or action packed as his previous series, but we get to spend some intimate time with two of Green Lanterns' biggest characters. People tend to enjoy action in their comics, but it will not be missed here. When character development is done right, it's always a good thing. It's going to be interesting to see just where this story is going.

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