Green Lantern #2

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Sinestro is back to being a Green Lantern and Hal Jordan is trying to cope with not being one. When Sinestro comes to Earth, you can only imagine what will happen.

The Good

I enjoyed Geoff Johns and Doug Mahnke's run on Green Lantern before 'The New 52' started and it's great to see them still tied to the characters. In the last series when we saw Sinestro get the ring back and the 'New 52' solicits said he'd be the Green Lantern in this series, I did wonder what was going on in Johns' mind. It's hard to say which is the bigger surprise, Sinestro being a Lantern or Hal not being one. Last issue really showed the struggle Hal was having in dealing with being powerless. I got the impression that the two characters would have separate storylines for at least a few issue but last issue showed Sinestro visiting Hal right away.

What will an interaction between Sinestro with a Green Lantern power ring and Hal with nothing be like? The way Sinestro is depicted simply floating inches off the ground with his arms folded speaks volumes. You immediately see his arrogance. Hal and Sinestro hate each other so it's like watching a trainwreck about to happen. You know things can't end well but they are being pushed together. If they come to blows, could it be a fair fight? How long can Hal be without a power ring? This is why you want to read the issue. Of course there's also the fact that the Sinestro Corps is getting a little out of hand without Sinestro leading them.

I get a kick out of Mahnke's art with each and every issue. I mentioned how Sinestro is drawn floating in one spot. He comes to Earth and of course he feels he's too good to even set foot on the primitive planet. Mahnke also is great at showing the emotion of the characters through their eyes. You can see their feelings pouring out of them. There is a lot of action packed into this issue and Mahnke nails each scene, capturing the essence of Johns' script.

The Bad

It almost feels things are going to fast. It's possible that focusing on Sinestro as a Green Lantern and Hal Jordan as a normal human isn't something that should be dragged out. I just didn't expect them to meet up in the very first issue. Granted, some time has passed between this and the last GL series. I love the interaction between the two and we have a great direction but part of me is a little fearful (uh oh!) about where the story could go.

Maybe it's because I wanted more but despite all the action contained, the story felt like it was short. A lot happened. It just happened quickly. Each month in between issues feels like it drags on.

The Verdict

Green Lantern remains one of my favorite 'New 52' titles. Geoff Johns and Doug Mahnke continue doing what they've been doing for a while now on Green Lantern. The fact that Sinestro has a green power ring and Hal doesn't really opens the door to new stories. It's a twist that I wasn't sure how it could work. Having the two interact with each other so quickly is a little puzzling as it feels the story is moving too quickly. Then again, people most likely don't want to necessarily read a series focused only on Sinestro with Hal struggle to be a normal human. The issue felt a little short but is jam packed with action scenes that show off Mahnke's talent. We are on the verge of something big happening with some characters and it's going to feel like a long month until the next issue comes out. Johns and Mahnke simply make this title shine. There's no question as to why this was the first DC book I read this week.


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