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In Brightest Night

Eclipso has captured the Ferris Aircraft's solar jet with his massive "Murder Moon" to harvest jet's power systems and permanently separate himself from Bruce Gordon. While Green Lantern saves innocent lives, Bruce Gordon distracts Eclipso long enough for Richard Davis to get in the solar jet and begin to take off. Before Eclipso can completely close the hangar doors and cut off the plane's escape, the Predator smashes the controls. Outside the Murder Moon, Richard Davis manages to successfully land the damaged solar jet in the middle of the desert. Carol Ferris and Hal Jordan meet his plane in the desert only to find Davis dead at the controls of the plane, suffering from a weak heart.

After rescuing both Bruce Gordon and the Predator from Eclipso, the Green Lantern sends the two heroes out of the satellite on a parachute construct. During the fight, Green Lantern deflects a black energy bolt into the satellites energy regulator which turned the massive black tractor beam into a death ray, tearing up the country side as it moves above. Eclipso plunges at Green Lantern and they both plummet from the satellite to the ground below, where John Stewart saves them from the fall. As the two fight, Eclipso doesn't notice that the death ray is approaching them and is incinerated by his own weapon. John Stewart saves the planet by batting the satellite back into space.

The day is saved and everything is well that ends well. On her desk, Carol Ferris discovers a love note from a secret admirer, though it is signed by the mark of the Predator.

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