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The World of Perilous Traps!-(Part 1 and 2) Hal Jordan is telling Tom Kalmaku about his latest adventure for Tom's "Casebook of Green Lantern". Hal tells about his mission to Kyrba where he was subduing a race of sub-humans, everything seem to be going easy but as the last sub-human tries to get away one of Green Lanterns blasts misses and going wide. He is able to subdue the last sub-human but the miss still bothers him.

Tom tries to ask a question but Hal yells at him "Let me think." This is when when a wave of energy flies out of the ring and paralyzes Tom. Hal then realizes the wave effected Carol, Dusty and Frank, who were in the next room. Hal tries to unparalyze them but he can't. Frustrated and angered Hal takes off the ring and throws it to the ground.

Sinestro then appears and taunts Hal. The rouge telaports the ring away and transport Hal to Qward. Once Hal is trapped on Qward, Sinestro reveals he was the one that mind controlled Hal into paralyzing his friends. He then revealed that the missed blast on Kyrba was actually the blast that freed Sinestro from his last prison.

Sinestro's promoter Magot, explains that they teleported Hal to Qward so that Sinestro could win a contest proving who is the evilest being. To win Sinestro needs to devise inescapable trap for Hal. But once Sinestro reveals that his plan is to shrink Hal down to pocket size and trap Hal in amber can keep him in his pocket, Hal reveals he never really got rid of his ring.

Hal easily defeats the Qwards and shrinks Sinestro to pocket size and uses his own trap against him. Hal then teleports back to earth and unparalyzes his friends. Once he frees Tom, he is able to ask his question which is, if Hal thought maybe Sinestro was behind his misses blast on Kyrba. This when Hal tells Tom he is right and Sinestro won't be a problem again because he is now small and trapped in Hal's pocket.

Green Lantern Vs the Power Ring- Hal and Tom fly out to the desert to test the limits of Hal's Green Lantern ring. Their first test is how far Hal can be from the ring and still control it. They learn 100yds is the limit. Then they leave the ring outside a cave and go inside to see if he could still control it, but first he commands the ring to send him mental images of what it sees ever few minutes.

Once inside the cave Hal learns he can still control the ring through rock and earth, but then there is a cave in. When Hal and Tom get out the ring is missing, it turns out while they were inside the cave Bill Baggett came across the ring and caused a landslide that temporary trapped Hal and Tom. Bill not knowing what he had found put on the ring and "wished" for a meal, which appeared. He then wished to fly to town, which the ring did.

Now out of the cave Hal got a mental image from the ring showing Bill causing trouble in the near by town. Hal and Tom take a plane to the town, where Hal tries to stop Bill. Bill is able to keep Hal at bay until Hal is able to use a yellow sign as a shield. He is then able to get within 100yds and use the ring to knock out Bill.

Hal turns Bill in to the proper authorities and Hal and Tom head home now knowing the limits of Hal's ring.

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