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Kyle Rayner is recharging his ring near the Statue of Liberty, contemplating his life and his personal troubles compared to his physical, superhero troubles. Focusing, he flies off to a facility and trashes it, completely bipassing the receptionist in his anger, searching for Major Force, who he says is the focal point for all his problems.

John Stewart confronts him, trying to remind him that he is still a superhero, and he should not act like this. Kyle is angry and says that John should not interfere, as this is personal buisness between him and Major Force. John say he has to stop or they'll fight, and Kyle attacks him in rage.

The two duke it out above the Capitol building, and Kyle uses his artistic ability against John's more organized style. Kyle eventually gains the upper hand, throwing him onto the Capitol steps, before they both calm down and have a nice talk between the two of them. John calms him down, and they agree to work together.

Major Force returns to the building they had visited earlier, and tells his workers how he must kill Kyle.

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