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Wanted 4/5. Green Lantern's cover is blown and he must fight for his life against the Black Circle. Meanwhile, on Earth, Terry informs his parents that he's moving to Los Angeles, and Jenny's and Lucas's relationship reaches a crucial turning point.

Amon Sur inducts Kyle, disguised as Vasquez, into the Black Circle, but Shiro Nova catches Kyle using his Green Lantern powers and threatens to blow Kyle's cover. Shiro Nova promises if Kyle helps him free his family he will help Kyle take down the Black Circle. Kyle agrees but then the two are jumped by Amon Sur.

When Kyle wakes up Amon Sur begins to torque him and just when it looks like the end, Kilowog, Voz and Reeemuz mount an attack. While they try to take out the Qwardians, Bynari reveals she is working for Amon Sur and incapatates Shilandra. Kyle fights back and it looks like he may stop Amon Sur's plans but Kilowog's group seems to slow and the Qwardians start the Blind aimed at Oa.

Meanwhile, on earth Meraya talks Jade into talking to Lucas again but when she gets to his apartment he is already seeing someone else.

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