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After escaping from a trap set by the Javelin, Jordan realizes that his new foe has stolen the solar powered engine from Ferris Air's Los Angeles branch. When Hal tries to track them with his ring, the trail leads to a decoy javelin in a junkyard. Beaten, Hal flies back to Ferris, only to realize he is late for a company meeting. After being disciplined for his tardiness, Hal promises Carol that he won't let her down and retrieve the solar engine to save Ferris Aircraft from bankruptcy.

Hal then returns to the junkyard where he found the decoy javelin and realizes something is amiss. At that moment he is attacked by the Javelin's hired goons and beats them until the Javelin ambushes Hal. This time, however, Hal is ready for the yellow plastic polymer javelin and is able to stop Javelin, but not before the villain is able to launch a yellow painted rocket, propelled by the solar powered engine, at Ferris Aircraft. Hal tries to stop it but because his ring is powerless against the yellow rocket. Using his bare hands, he irecovers the engine and pilots the rocket into the ocean.

Later that night, The Shark emerges looking for food.

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