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Wanted 3/5. Guest-starring Amon Sur, Kilowog, John Stewart, DEO Director Bones, and Agent Cameron Chase! Now that he knows the Weaponers of Qward hold the true power behind the Black Circle, Green Lantern decides to go it alone so as not to risk the lives of his friends. But can he prevent the Weaponers from putting their master plan into effect?

Kyle, under cover as Vasquez, goes alone to meet with Amon Sur, and hand over the Qwardians that Kyle and his team of ex-lantern rescued as a cover to infiltrate the Black Circle. On board of Amon Sur's ship Kyle convinces the crime boss that he is on his side, and Amon Sur shows him his trophy room of Green Lanterns he's killed over the years. Then when Kyle thinks Amon Sur has shown him everything he reveals his ultimate weapon, a Quantum Singularity Generator aimed at Oa.

Meanwhile on Earth, Merayn stops a robbery, only to learn it was a test for a DEO job, and Jade continues to date Lucas who one night pulls out an engagement ring.

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