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The new creative team kicks off the 2-part storyline "The Blind!" Where do you run when your planet dies? A force of destruction is running rampant in the galaxy...a force that can only consume; a vortex that wipes out star systems in a heartbeat. It's called The Blind, and its next target is Earth! Green Lantern only has a slim chance of stopping it, but the Black Circle won't let him have a chance at all.

Planet Mellifera is completely destroyed by the Blind, a weapon designed by the Black Circle that accelerates a sun's aging process and turns it super nova in less then a hour.

Professor Tipanius Terpis, captain of the research vessel Tsunami, calls upon Kyle Rayner to help stop this disaster from happening again. Kyle, who is left to fend for himself on Oa because Garthet has taken Kilowag off planet to look into his nightmares goes to investigate.

When Kyle arrives where Mellifera was he is greeted harshly by Commander Ashari, who gives him the shoulder, but it isn't until the Tsunami shows up that Ashari shows her true colors. Kyle stops her from firing on the research vessel.

Kyle then boards the Tsunami and is greeted by Terpis and his crew who inform him that the Blind is targeting Earth's sun. Kyle and the Tsunami speed off never noticing that Commander Ashari's ship belongs to the Black Circle.

Once at Earth's sun Kyle tries to contain the Blind but his ambushed by Shiro Nova and transported aboard the bounty hunter's ship.

Meanwhile on Earth, Jade tries to convince Merayn to try to reinvent herself.

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