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Starting in May, a whole new creative team will lead Kyle Rayner on an interplanetary trail through broken worlds and lost legacies! New writer Ben Raab (GREEN ARROW, Excalibur) and consummate artists Rick Burchett (BATMAN: THE 10-CENT ADVENTURE, BATMAN/HUNTRESS: CRY FOR BLOOD) & Rodney Ramos (TRANSMETROPOLITAN) bring in new characters, old favorites and major changes to the supporting cast starting in GREEN LANTERN #165! Adrift in space, Kyle must summon the surviving Green Lanterns to Oa to take down the Black Circle Syndicate. Kyle needs their help ? after all, he can't stop an entire intergalactic crime organization alone! The only catch? He's going to have to prove the title of Green Lantern is still worth fighting for. And don't miss the startling return of Kilowog! This trailblazing new direction comes just two weeks after the jaw-dropping conclusion to the Green Arrow/Green Lantern crossover "Black Circle: Urban Knights" in GREEN LANTERN #164! GREEN LANTERN is an ongoing series edited by Bob Schreck.


Kyle Rayner and Ganthet have sent out beacons to summon willing ex-corps members to Oa so Kyle can try to convince them that the Green Lantern Corps needs to be restarted. The only four to show up are Reemuz, Voz, Bynari, and Shilandra Thane and they need proof before they are willing to fallow Kyle to stop the Black Circle.

Kyle, trying to prove himself, stops an assignation attempt on Mecha-IV, saves a Caudatia Prima research vessel and saves the food supply of Agraria-7 from being eating by locust. But when he returns to Oa the would be lanterns have already left.

Kyle goes to talk to Kilowag who explains that if Kyle really wants to restart the Corps it is going to take more than the few acts he has done so far. Kyle takes Kilowag’s advice to heart and leaves Oa knowing he can do more.

Meanwhile on earth Terry has decided to go on a talk show a talk about the attack he had suffered for being gay.

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