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The thrilling conclusion to "Black Circle: Urban Knights!" Green Lantern and Green Arrow are trapped aboard the Black Circle's mothership. Ordinarily that wouldn't be a problem, but Kyle doesn't have his ring and Ollie's being…well, Ollie. Plus, hunting down the leader of the Black Circle is a lot tougher when you're jailed in an exploding starship!

Green Lantern and Green Arrow are trapped on the Black Circle's ship and Amon Sur has Kyle's ring but can't seem to make it work.

Meanwhile on Earth, Black Canary and Connor Hawke wrap up the last of the Black Circle splinter group.

Kyle still in complete control of his ring is able to use it to spy on Amon Sur, and he learns that Amon Sur is really the leader of the Black Circle. He then breaks himself and Oliver out of their cells.

Green Arrow takes the bridge and destroys the navigation system.

Kyle fights Amon Sur and takes a beating until Oliver shows up and saves him. Amon Sur out matched teleports away, and Kyle and Oliver make it out before the ship self-destructs.

Back on Earth Kyle and Oliver share a beer. Kyle promises to bring Amon Sur to justice. He gives Oliver a gift before leaving. a cheap 25 cent green oil lantern, with a card saying. "A two-bit green lantern from a two-bit Green Lantern."

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