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"Black Circle: Urban Knights" Part 2 of 6. There's a mystery to be solved, an intergalactic crime organization to take down, and hostility brewing between Green Lantern and Green Arrow. Simple crimes become complicated, and the heroes' differences become blatant. This ain't Hal and Ollie! Connor Hawke may be the only person to stop them from killing each other, unless of course The Black Circle gets to them first…

Ollie Queen and Kyle Rayner have just been caught fighting each other while a group of drug dealers were being murdered right outside. After answering a few questions from a Star City police officer the two heroes continue their argument on the roof tops.

Connor Hawke steps in an sends Kyle home and orders Ollie to take a vacation.

After taking his aggression out on some want a be street thugs, Jade convinces Kyle to keep investigating the cases.

Kyle finds the Tratino crime family's boss holding up in a restaurant, him and his goons think that Kyle is an alien sent to kill them. They open fire on Kyle but after a while Kyle convinces them he is there to help.

Kyle sits down with the head boss, who explains that a few months ago some Russian mobsters wanted large quantities of bleach. Then they kept upping there quantities until the mob couldn't fill the orders. That is when the boss learned the Russians were really aliens and that they were using the bleach as a drug.

Meanwhile Ollie is in Mount Seldeed with some inner city kids on a hike when a spaceship crashes and an alien that resembles Abin Sur emerges asking Ollie for help.

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