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When Hal Jordan accuses his the Green Lantern of sector 2813, Dalor, of charging for his services as Green Lantern, the Guardians force Dalor to run a deadly gauntlet. If he survives, he will be judged innocent; if he dies, his guilt will be confirmed. Puzzled by this barbaric form of justice, Hal confronts the Guardians, who order him to Dalor's homeworld Timeron. There, he is to stand ready to deliver the news of Dalor's fate to his wife and son. While on Timeron, Hal observes the local culture and realizes that his human point of view may have cost his fellow Lantern his life.


The Green Lantern Tuebeen hails from a race with no sense of humor. He is therefore infuriated by his mission to go undercover in a pan-galactic circus as a less then jolly clown. Tuebeen must solve the mystery of why the circuses performers are disappearing before his patience runs outs.

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