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A Little More Focus

Why I Bought It

To see the "oh my, I didn't see that coming" of the hero fighting hero action. </sarcasm>.

What I Liked

There are a couple of really nice moments in the book that really stand out. I had to laugh when Baz stood there in front of the Justice League and just had some wide eyes going. I also liked the fact that we got a semi hint that the ring is really Sinestro's, which is something I would have guessed all along considering that Hal's part of the ring is just a knock-off of Sinestro's ring.

What I Didn't Like

This felt like nothing but a filler issue. And for being a part of an event, it really feel very flat with what we've come to expect from Green Lantern stories as of late.

First off, the hero vs. hero motif takes up most of the issue. Of course, it all started off a simple misunderstanding between everyone involved and won't matter when this Green Lantern joins up with the Justice League which we've seen solicited for a February release. Don't you hate it when that happens?

If we focused on the rest of the comic, we basically are getting a look at the status quo/rehash of what is going on with all the sub-plots. The one exception being that Hal and Sinestro get visited by some sinister looking character at the end of the book that ended with the typical Johns "cliffhanger."

I get that there is supposed to be this big crossover going on now with all the Green Lantern titles, but the one that feels the most excluded has to be the main Green Lantern book. We're getting a basic introduction to a new Green Lantern that doesn't have a place in the crossover. Baz, as a character, is doing pretty good, but the start feels a little generic for a new character. Outside of his heritage, there doesn't seem to be much that makes him stand out from any other Green Lantern. He could die right now in this crossover and I just wouldn't care too much. It just feels like there is a lot of potential with him and Johns is just taking his time to get to the meat of this character right now.

Panel to Remember

I'll go with the wide-eyed expression when Baz meets the Justice League for something to remember.


"You don't really expect me to fight you, do you?" - Baz. The Justice League might not expect it, but the reader can call this from a mile away.


Words: 6/10

Pictures: 7/10

Buy Next Issue: This story line is just dragging on and on. Can we get to the point yet?

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