tomlikesfries's Green Lantern #14 - Courage review

Against the Justice League

This was the best issue of Green Lantern, since Simon Baz's first appearance.

Following the events of the thirteenth issue, the Justice League now questions the new Green Lantern and when Batman touches his ring, a green flash of light comes out of it warning them not to touch it. Thinking Simon Baz was responsible for the ring's actions, the super powered group begins to follow him.

I really liked how silly Simon still is. When the JL starts to question him, he gets all nervous and states that he didn't do anything and that, out of them, he could only beat Batman.

Thankfully, this issue can also give you some laughs. Scratch that... not this issue. I meant the Flash. When Aquaman says a new GL can only be chosen when the current dies, Barry says that he hopes it was Guy Gardner, only to feel bad for stating such thing and saying: "I'm going to hell for that, aren't I?".

The artwork is very good in this issue. I especially liked Baz's facial expressions during the Justice League's questioning. I also like Simon's costume, as it fits perfectly for a "burglar" who must be stealthy.

The way he managed to escape from Superman and Flash was very cool, and proved that he's not a "newbie".

While the plot was good and made of this number an extremely enjoyable read, it was also slow, as it focuses on Simon's escape from the Justice League's clutches. Also, it's taking to long for the third army to attack, as they just keep killing non-important humans instead.

In the end of the issue, we get to see a bit of Hal and Sinestro. They are both lost in this mysterious place, just before they hear a voice telling Sinestro that he must pay for his crimes. With such ending, it should be nice to see how this all will unfold to the "ex-enemies".

Posted by modunhanul

I love Barry Allen and I think Simon is cool.

Posted by zackattack529

Whoa...people actually liked the Barry Joke?

i thought it was totally out of Barry's character but hey..Johns is writing surprise there..

Posted by tomlikesfries

@zackattack529: I admit it was out of character, but I can't say I didn't laugh :P.

Posted by The_jackolantern

Why has bazs suit out a lantern on it even tho you don't get one till you pass green lantern training

Posted by The Mighty Monarch

@zackattack529 said:

Whoa...people actually liked the Barry Joke?

i thought it was totally out of Barry's character but hey..Johns is writing surprise there..

It pissed me off for sure, but that's probably also because Guy's my fav. Lantern.

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