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It's the first of many team ups between Green Lantern and the Flash, although on this occasion, the story is half over before the heroes don their costumes. The story begins with Barry and Hal being introduced to one another as they accompany Iris West and Carol Ferris respectively to a seaside resort. The meeting was no coincidence, as Iris had agreed to interview famous test pilot Hal Jordan for her magazine, the Picture News.

The get together (along with Tom Kalmaku and his wife Tegra) didn't go smoothly as Hal appeared to be on edge. The only time he really perked up was when Barry mentioned his hometown of Central City, because Hal knew that the Flash also lived there. "Hmmm" Barry thought to himself, "I'm beginning to think this Hal Jordan is an odd one!" Hal's strange actions were also noticed by Tom, who spoke in private to Barry and they both agreed to keep an eye on Hal.

It turns out that Hal is acting strangely because before the couples met, aliens had hypnotised him into capturing the Flash for them so they could use the Scarlet Speedster to help them invade Earth. Next day Barry saw Hal change to Green Lantern and contact his alien masters. Trying to help, Barry donned his Flash costume and Green Lantern instantly tried to capture him.

As Flash raced in, Green Lantern tried to catch him in a power ring net but the Scarlet Speedster evaded it and zig zagged off at super speed. As Green Lantern chased after him, Flash spun up a whirlwind to hide from the Emerald Gladiator but Green Lantern countered it. Flash changed to Barry, but Green Lantern created a mirage of a huge tidal wave to draw the Flash out again. Flash discovered he had been duped and escaped with the help of a yellow beach umbrella.

Flash then decided to let Green Lantern capture him in order to get to the aliens who were controlling Hal. Ignoring what might happen should he not be able to escape, Flash gets out of the alien's trap and frees Hal's mind. The two heroes then end up thwarting the planned alien invasion. As the story ends, Flash admits to Hal he saw him changing to Green Lantern, and so he reveals his own secret identity in return. Thus Green Lantern and Flash became the first heroes (save Superman and Batman) to know each other's secret identities.

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