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Somewhere in the mountains, a house is on the verge of being engulfed by fire. The two occupants, a mother and her son are trapped in the circle of the fire. Suddenly, arrives a superhero to their aid. None other than the villain Effigy, but of course, unknown to the duo. He offers to fly them out of the area. As the mother starts explaining about the fire, Effigy is delighted, saying that he would have loved to set one himself. The sons screams that he is a villain. Effigy doesn't take the insult tlightly and drops them into Heart Lake.

Nearby, a DEO truck is delivering a special item to its headquarters. But the driver has difficulty seeing through a dense haze engulfing the mountaineous road. His companion explains that their delivery is named Killer Frost. She has a strange ability to absorb warmth and dish out cold. So she is being delivered in a refrigeration truck to keep her powerless.

Suddenly the driver makes a mistake. The haze is so dense that visibility almost down to zero, he drives out of the road and the truck topples over the hillside. It reaches level ground. The DEO operatives come out unhurt, but see before them their worst nightmare, Killer Frost. She immediately freezes one of them. The other tries to shoot her, but is suddenly engulfed in a huge ball of fire. Effigy comes down beside Killer Frost. Frost absorbs the flames. Effigy is surprised at her act, but Killer Frost explains later.

As they sit beside the Niagra waterfalls, Effigy tells how he became a superhero. He tells her of The Controllers experimenting with him to turn him into the fiery form. Killer Frost narrates the story of her friend, Crystal Frost. Crystal Frost was killed. Killer Frost tried to duplicate her powers but became what she is now. They kiss each other, but that's when Green Lantern intervenes.

Lantern accuses Effigy of being involved in the fire incident. Frost is displeased with Lantern and freezes him into a block of ice. As he falls into the Niagra, she dishes out a vast amount of ice and freezes the whole volume of water in the surrounding area. Effigy flies out with her. She recharges herself by kissing him.

Even then, Lantern pursues them. He stalls Effigy so suddenly that Killer Frost falls out of his grip. She halts her fall by creating a tower of ice. Effigy battles Green Lantern by creating fire constructs. Meanwhile, GL manages to know the nature of Killer Frost's powers and flees from the scene.

Effigy and Killer Frost have a mild argument over their future course of action. Lantern comes back with a huge volume of ice and drops it onto their heads. Effigy frees himself but Lantern beats him with an energy-stick. Effigy considers rescuing Frost, but decides not to do so. He sees an oncoming vehicle and sets it on fire. Lantern becomes busy to save it, and Effigy flies away.







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