the_mighty_monarch's Green Lantern #12 - The Revenge of Black Hand, Part 2 review

Revenge Is a Dish Best Served Slow and Carefully

There's a lot of things very awkward about this cover. There's a massive disjunction from the angle Black Hand's body is at, the way the wind is blowing his cape, the angle of the gargoyle, and the angle of the city behind them. This whole cover didn't have a super interesting setup to begin with, it could've been really cool, but it's just so-so.

It's a prelude for what was to come on the inside, this issue has a LOT of inherent artwork problems. For starters, it's got two artists. Right after starters, neither artist is the one who's been doing the series, nor the beginning of this arc. It's a REALLY awkward jump from the last issue to this one, and then in the middle of this one. It ALMOST makes multiple artists work, when Hal and Sinestro's scene is drawn by Renato Guedes, and The Guardians' scene is drawn by Jim Calafiore; but then the end of Hal and Sinestro's scene is also done by Calafiore and it ruins that notion.

And don't get me wrong, I LIKE both artists to a degree. Guedes draws Hal pretty off, but he gives Black Hand an additional level of creepiness, and seems perfectly suited to drawing the zombies. Calafiore draws a much better Hal, and overall this issue really made me decide I'd like to see him do more Green Lantern, I liked his work a lot in this issue.

Other than that, this issue has some excellent revelations, but some pretty poor pacing. During the action sequences, it was REALLY hard to get wrapped up in the moment because there's just some kind of emptiness, a general lack of major tension. They have a problem without a solution, they can't kill the zombies, but the zombies pose minimal threat. Maybe eventually they would-What's that? Oh... they've got a solution. Ok.

But this issue redeems itself to an extent with the message The Book of Black is delivering. It has quite the impact on Black Hand, really driving the setup for the finale of this arc and potentially the next one, and makes that future REALLY tense with uncertainty and intrigue.

In Conclusion: 3.5/5

This issue carried on Geoff Johns' massive Lantern Saga brilliantly... but it didn't do a whole lot for this arc, nor for itself. The art was a big distraction on multiple levels, and the immediate tension was next to non-existant.


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