razzatazz's Green Lantern #12 - The Revenge of Black Hand, Part 2 review

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Since the new 52 in the Green Lantern based series, probably the least has changed since before the relaunch.  This is true in different facets including character history, but another one is the slow and steady buildup to some large problem looming.  This issue is not different.  While the action described in it is weak at times and that black Hand is not always the mot engaging villain, there are still enough developments to make up for that.  Without giving away these developments, they do bode well for whatever upcoming crossover is in the works.  My only small complaint would be about Carol, once again relegated to background (plus the logic of Carol not helping was poorly conceived) but as she is off to tar in another series next month, there is really not that much to complain about at all.  I think in the end this is an issue which will be more important in retrospect than a pulse pounding issue of the moment.  


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